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Institute of Islamic Education

The Institute of Islamic Education (IIE) was established in 1989 in Elgin, IL. It is an independent, non-profit, full-time educational Institution aimed at providing its students with an education in the sacred and intellectual foundations of Islamic heritage. We have grown from our humble origins and now educating brothers and sisters on two separate campuses. We offer two full-time programs; The Hifdh Ul-Qur’an Program and the Alim Program. IIE follows a classical method of instruction, emphasizing on close teacher-student interaction, and focusing on textual transmission and analysis. The Institute also offers weekend and evening programs for part-time learners.

We invite you to learn more about our Institute and our programs, both full-time and part-time. May Allah the Most High bless you now and forever.

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Allah Ta’aala has given us a religion called Islam. Not just as a religion, but also as a complete way of life. A system of life which tackles and provides solutions for every immoral aspect of ...

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Importance Of Mahram & Ghayr Mahram

Often, in Islamic law, the above categories are required to establish certain Islamic rules. This is why one will find that the above categories are sometimes conditions, requirements or the basis of...

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Music & Singing

In the modern era, music has spread to such an extent that nobody is free from it. Individuals are confronted with situations where they are forced to listen to music. It is played nearly in all depa...

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Forbidden And Makrooh Times

At sunrise, Istiwaa and Sunset- No Salaah at all, no Sajdah at-Tilaawah either From Subh Saadiq till after sunrise– No Nawafil must be prayed. Qadhaa and Sajdah at-Tilaawah are allowed. No...

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  • fajr5:25 AM
  • sunrise6:59 AM
  • zuhr1:01 PM
  • asr5:16 PM
  • maghrib7:03 PM
  • isha8:21 PM

At Masjid Ul-Islam, Jumma prayer at 1:00 PM. Starts with the first athan and is followed by an english talk. At 1:30 PM, the Arabic khutba starts and Jumma Salah at 1:40 PM.

  • fajr6:30 AM
  • zuhr1:15 PM
  • asr5:30 PM
  • maghrib7:08 PM
  • isha9:00 PM
  • jummah11:30 PM

At Masjid Ul-Islam, Jumma prayer at 1:00 PM. Starts with the first athan and is followed by an english talk. At 1:30 PM, the Arabic khutba starts and Jumma Salah at 1:40 PM.

Donate Generously

[Ahmad and Muslim related that the Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said:”When a person dies, [the benefit] of his deeds ends, except in three: a continuous sadaqah, knowledge from which benefit is derived, or a pious child invoking Allah (SWT) for him.”]

There are many costs involved in running this institute, and not all students who are interested in enrolling can afford to do so. We do not wish to exclude anyone, however, there are unavoidable costs that must be paid. Therefore, in order to help students in such a situation, IIE has started a sponsorship program. In this program, a benefactor can donate funds to go directly towards providing a quality education for students who otherwise could not afford it. In this blessed month of Ramadan, each act of good will be multiplied by seventy units. We ask that you take advantage of this month and invest a generous donation to support our students at whatever level you can afford. May Allah give you the best reward.


  1. $300/month for Hifz and academics student
  2. $400/month for Alim Student
  3. $550/month for Hifz and academics boarding student
  4. $600/month for Alim boarding student
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Weekly Tafseer

IIE is always striving to serve their community; and so it offers numerous events catered towards the youth and the community. Every Saturday, after Dhuhr prayers, the locals gather at Masjid Ul-Islam for the tafseer program.


Fundraising Dinner - Build a Better Future

Our first fundraising dinner since 2010 will held on 16th, December 2017, InshaAllah at Shalimar Banquets. Please contact us to purchase your tickets.