Ahsan Syed

Name:Hafiz Ahsan Syed
Where were you born? What is your background?
I was born and raised in Chicago, but originally from the Indian Subcontinent

Are you married? How many children do you have?
Not married

Education: What did you study? Where did you study it?
Completed high school from Bartlett High, then I went to the College of Dupage for two years part-time. InshAllah I hope to complete college in the future.

At what age did you begin your hifz program (or other education program)? At what age did you finish hifz (or other education program)?
I began my hifz at the age of 12 and completed at the age of 15. I completed it at IIE

Did you also study an Alim, Mufti, Khari, or other program?
I studied the Alim Program at IIE. Graduated in May 2015. It was a rigorous 6 year program.

How long have you been teaching?
Though I graduated this past summer, Alhamdulilah I have taught part-time Arabic courses online for the past 3 years.

Where have you taught previously?
Online at Darul Uloom (DUO) for 3 years
Also taught a semester long course at Darrussalam, Lombard.

How long have you been teaching at IIE?
This is my first year. It is a great honor and privilege for me to teach along side my teachers.

Why have you made teaching hifz/alim courses (or other education program) your career?
My passions is teaching. I can’t see myself doing anything else. I do plan to further my studies in the near future.

What advice would you give to those interested in beginning hifz?
My advice for Hifz and in fact all other things in life is:
1 – Be passionate about what you’re doing.
2 – Take guidance from proper people.
3 – Be consistent. Consistency is a key to success.