Where were you born? What is your background?

Are you married? How many children do you have?
Yes, 2 kids

Education: What did you study? Where did you study it?
I did Masters in Botany. I studied in India.

At what age did you begin your hifz program (or other education program)? At what age did you finish hifz (or other education program)?
I finished my education when I was 20.

Did you also study an Alim, Mufti, Khari, or other program?

How long have you been teaching?
3 years

Where have you taught previously?
In India part time for 2 years while I was doing my masters.

How long have you been teaching at IIE?
3 Years

Why have you made teaching hifz/alim courses (or other education program) your career?

I like Teaching and most importantly I think teaching is the best profession for women’s.

What advice would you give to those interested in beginning hifz?
Hifz is a blessing from Allah swt simultaneously its a big task too. For doing Hifz I think one should be patient, focused and hard working.