Syed Ahmed Ali

Name:Hafiz Syed Ahmed Ali

Where were you born? What is your background?
India, Hyderabad

Are you married? How many children do you have?
Yes, 2 children MashAllah

Education: What did you study? Where did you study it?
Completed High School in Chicago, IL, and 1st year of college in Boston, MA and hifz in Elgin, IL.

At what age did you begin your hifz program (or other education program)? At what age did you finish hifz (or other education program)?
Began at 2001 ended at 2005

Did you also study an Alim, Mufti, Khari, or other program?
Currently studying Alim Course at I.C.C.

How long have you been teaching?
7 years since 2009

Where have you taught previously?
Burlington, MA at Mosque of I.C.B.

How long have you been teaching at IIE?
1 year, 2015

Why have you made teaching hifz/alim courses (or other education program) your career?
Because its beneficial for Akhirah as well as Dunya. Furthermore, we can teach our youth the proper Deen, as well as ourselves and our families.

What advice would you give to those interested in beginning hifz?
That you should come to study the book of Allah (SWT), become a proper Muslim in respect and etiquettes, and to live a life accordingly to Islam.